Melbourne’s Real World Mindfulness Training Sessions

Reality Based Mindfulness runs a range of outdoor training program’s to help coach you through life’s stresses and worries. Through our real life approach, you will learn how  to improve your wellbeing, focus and productivity. Reality Based Mindfulness runs programs throughout Melbourne. Continue reading below to find out about our services or give us a call to find a class near you.

Body Awareness Training

You will learn how to develop awareness of the body through the body scanning method. This allows one to be aware of any tension in the body that may be a result of conscious or unconscious stress. You can then let go of that stress once it is realized in the body.



You will learn how use mindfulness techniques in challenging social situations for assertive communication.

Awareness of Emotions

The ability to be aware of subtle emotions before they take a hold on our outlook. We do this buy classifying emotions into sensations, not moods. At RBM we train you how to experience an emotion with equanimity.

Conversational Mindfulness

Using the bipolar exposure method for dealing with intrusive thoughts. we begin to practise while communicating with others. You will learn how to make decisions based on logic not you’re emotions.

Mindful Exercise

Moderate to high-intensity exercise designed to cultivate present moment awareness and personal fitness. This service is appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Mindful Meditation

Simple non-religious meditation for cultivating a still mind.

Thought Awareness Training

You will learn techniques to become be aware of thought patterns that may emerge due to triggers. The ultimate goal is to be aware of the mental dialogue that you call you.