Is a 1 on 1 mindfulness coaching session the same as counseling?

Our sessions are conversational in nature so it can look like a counseling session. Although we will be discussing issues you are facing we do not offer conventional couselling or advice. However, we will look at mindful based approaches to respond to these challenges.

Im thinking of seeing a therapist but i have heard a lot about mindfulness should i sign up for a session?

Mindfulness is often taught by psychotherapists, psychologists, and counselors. We offer our services as additional support to therapy. We encourage anyone who is thinking of seeing a therapist or is currently seeing a therapist to pursue that alongside our work.  We also have a thorough intake questioner to decided if a mindfulness consultation is right for you.

Do we do meditation in a session?

Yes, we will do incremental meditations in a session. but more importantly, you will be guided to check in with your emotions thoughts throughout a session.

I tried meditation and had a really awful experience how will it be different this time?

It is our job to create a safe space for you and we will ensure you have options to stop a meditation or practice at any time. You will be guided by a trained mindfulness and meditation teacher.

Can I meditate in a chair or lying down instead of cross-legged on the floor?

Yes. you can meditate however you like, Sitting, standing, walking, lying down, or moving in particular patterns. Any position you can comfortably maintain is appropriate.

Definitely not, you can apply the basic principles and techniques of meditation to any spiritual or religious tradition or orientation. Meditation simply involves calming the mind.

Can meditation improve my health?

Yes, researchers have published hundreds of studies investigating the health benefits of meditation and the results consistently indicate that people who meditate regularly have better health than those who don’t.