Coco Nkrumah


Coco - Outdoor Mindfulness Trainer Melbourne

Coco Nkrumah is a secular mindfulness educator who’s main passion is sharing the practice of mindfulness. As our name suggests he offers reality-based approaches to mindfulness coaching. Too often we find that mindfulness and meditation practices are offered as a one size fits all approach which doesn’t account for the fact that not every person who begins their mindfulness journey is beginning from the same place. these differences can include past trauma, mental health conditions, PTSD, cultural safety, and socio-economic issues among a range of other issues.

As a teen coco had an interest in Chinese martial also known as Kung fu and by the age of 17 began full-time training. This led him to complete a martial arts and sport coaching apprenticeship. During this time he studied and was certified in Chinese taosit and Buddhist meditation.

After attending training retreats in china and spending years studying and training in the eastern meditation and martial arts. Coco wanted to understand the underlying principles of the different meditation styles across the world. This led him to study western mindfulness in which he was trained and certified s a mindfulness educator and meditation teacher.

Coco has worked with organizations from all different sectors. Some of the clients he has worked with include Lulu lemon, The Australian Defense force, 711, Origin Energy, and Australia post.