Spiritual Divorce

I’ve had four divorces in my life and they have all been with spiritual teachers. Spiritual divorce is a term I use to describe the separation from a spiritual teacher. If you are reconsidering if a particular teacher is right for you you may be going through a spiritual divorce.
I feel that divorce is apart of the spiritual journey. Obviously, no one teacher can have all the answers for the millions of people that get involved with spirituality. I think it is necessary to find people at certain stages of our journey who resonate with us. Sometimes it’s about hearing the right thing from the right person at the right time. But sometimes it is also necessary for us to move on to new ideas, new ways of communication and new communities.

The community one finds themselves has a huge impact on the journey. I sometimes go into different teachers and before I even look at the teacher I observe the students within the community. If I sense arrogance or they are condescending in any way I start running for the hills. This is because I feel that it’s the teacher’s responsibility to keep their space productive and conducive to learning. Sometimes we outgrow certain spaces and communities this doesn’t mean that we are more advanced or better it just mean we are growing in a different direction.

Just like a divorce in a relationship, there is fear associated with moving on from spiritual teachers. We grow attached to the idols and leaders we devote our time and adoration too. Leaving these figures can create deep feelings of uncertainty, feelings of loss and even confusion.
“if we felt that a teacher was leading us to the end of our spiritual path and we have changed directions what do we do now?”

The important thing is to take that leap of faith into the unknown you never know your next Yoda may just be around the corner.