Self-care vs Self Indulgence.

Self care is a pretty big word in the wellness industry. Self care refers to the ability to care and nurture oneself through self awareness. An example of self care could be taking a walk after a heated argument to calm down. Another example could be having a long bath or getting a massage after a very stressful day. Even having support networks to talk to can be self care.

But when does self-care become self indulgence? Looking at my own experience i know i am self indulging when there is an element of stubbornness to not deal with stressful situations and doing activities to avoid having to address uncomfortable issues.

Avoidance and stubbornness can be underlying issues dressed up as self care.
Practicing self compassion and self care means understanding what you need to nurture within yourself to deal with life. I feel that if we are honest with ourselves  we can distinguish the difference between looking after ourselves and using self-care to avoid or resists the issues that we need to face in our lives.