It’s ok to loose you’re shit!

Often while im working my day job i encounter very difficult customers. Lately i have noticed that my mindfulness and acceptance practice has allowed me to let go of alot of anger and this allows me to not react out of defensiveness to rude clients.

However i is still feel some self judgement in regards to even feeling the anger or frustration in the first place. This can be a common challenge when we meditate or practice mindfulness as we naturally judge our progress when we try to decrease our stress and negative emotions.

So let me say this IT’S OK TO LOOSE YOUR SHIT!!

If you were to suppress these emotions or deny them they could show up in another area of you’re life maby in the form of reaction or maby you would eventually blow up. So we have to accept our own humanity, the challenges, the jealousy, the anger, the boredom, we need to accept all of it to eventually be at peace with it.

In reality progress may mean stressing over something for 20 mins instead of 45 mins and i consider that real world progress. Not some altruistic fantasy that we may have of being somebody who never gets angry or fearful. Eventually we can get to a place were we can even let things go in minutes. But remember racing to get to that place may bring more resistance because don’t forget you have to allow yourself loose you’re shit sometimes.