Characteristics of Mindfulness

Characteristics of Mindfulness

If there is any attitude that we could say mindfulness encourages it would be a non-judgmental attitude.

Once we understand that mindfulness is an experience it’s important to notice how and why we develop a non-judgmental attitude. Without using any belief system’s or imposing rigid values on ourselves or others.

The first thing we notice in the journey of adopting acceptance into our lives is the characteristics of this awareness.

We know that when we are aware that the experience is all inclusive. It doesn’t discriminate any bodily sensations thoughts or emotions.

Bare perceiving doesn’t discriminate on any sensory information either it is thinking that does through our opinions. For instance you’re eye’s don’t have any opinion about what you are seeing they simply let light in to be interpreted by the brain.

So once we start to embody this awareness we become more interested in the observation of what’s going on internally and externally.

This bare experience automatically takes us out of the thinking mind. Having said that this does not mean we don’t experience pain. Let down, or depression, but the observation does dilute the engagement and identification with these emotional states which in turn decreases stress.

This is the first step in moving towards a non-judgmental attitude.

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What is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness has a lot of definitions some definitions are.

  • Being in the present moment
  • Discovering you’re true nature
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Becoming fully human

However i like to define mindfulness as an experience.

I say this because while other definitions are valid they can have a tendency to imply mindfulness is a spiritual practise. That we need to attain or on the other hand an intellectual pursuit.

A lot of people still consider mindfulness thoughtfulness, being considerate or even uncovering belief systems. These are definitely by products of being aware but they don’t point to the direct experience.

When i say mindfulness is an experience i mean it is something to be done NOT THOUGHT ABOUT. I also mean it’s an ever present experience.

While u are reading this post you are already aware and not in deep sleep. However if you pause you’re thinking for even 1 second you would notice you are still aware without thoughts and your mental story. So we are talking about bare consciousness.

Essentially you are experiencing what you already are.